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But Mannie soon sees his misfortune as an opportunity to reclaim land in the Tongariro National Park that belonged to his Maori tribe more than one hundred and thirty years ago. Mannie persuades a small, disillusioned group of young Maori into claiming sovereignty over a small block of land on the side of a mountain, offering freedom and peace in protest against the government. They build huts and live off the land.

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Mannie and Jo try to find their former happiness, but then tragedy strikes, and Mannie suddenly finds himself in a deadly game of survival. Formats Softcover. Book Details. Language : English. Format : Softcover.

Dimensions : 5. As with the process with the NP District Council these lands are stolen and must be returned. And that the inquiry requires the NPDC to give a full account of what the proceeds gained from the stolen property was spent on including the amont spent on legal fees that have been funded from Waitara leasehold payments and sales. You are commenting using your WordPress.

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Skip to content. Soul wounds that are not healed are passed through our whakapapa, they impact on every part of being Maori, of being Te Atiawa, they create a context where within te ira tangata the pain memories of our tupuna are passed intergenerationally. That is the impact on whanau in Waitara.

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That is what needs to be healed. The issue of what is happening with the Pekapeka block is not solely one of land ownership or economics, it is one of needing meaningful and enduring pathways of social justice to heal those soul wounds. The history of these lands are identified through the naming of the lands. The invisiblisation of the names of these lands is an act of selective memory which denies the true history of the land and marginalises the role of mana whenua in the discussions related to these lands.

Debate on Prime Minister’s Statement

But this is not just any other block. This is the Pekapeka block and the name is significant within our history. It is my view as a researcher in this area is that this Bill will not only remove our ability as Te Atiawa to receive social justice, it will also further embed the pain of the historical spiritual and cultural wounds that our people carry as a result of the invasion of our lands and oppression of our peoples. As a political representative body for our people this Select Committee can take a key role in stopping this process and facilitating the return to a pathway of meaningful negotiations that will be about social justice and healing.

May Contents – Māori Law Review

Comments on the Bill. This Bill effectively provides a process for the Waitara Lands to be fully privatised and deny any pathways for the return of the land through a Crown facilitated process. This has been ignored throughout the Treaty Settlement process. The land is in fact stolen property.

The history of the Waitara Lands is clear; it was placed into the hands of the Council through colonial land confiscations. Examples of use in the English literature, quotes and news about whenua. For planners, developers, architects, academics, tribal leaders, policy makers, lawyers and corporate managers, this book will be an essential reference tool. Merata Kawharu, Williams' history - the first book to provide the "bigger picture' of the activities of the Native Land Court - details the dramatically adverse impact it had on the landholdings of Maori hapu.

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Te Kooti tango whenua offers a picture of the David Vernon Williams, Whenua : Identity. All over the world land is an important issue that groups of people are prepared to fight over, just as our ancestors did long ago. There are international examples of note: Palestine, Kosovo, Hirini Moko Mead, Sidney M.

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Mead, The conservation movement opposing the 19th-century torching of forests by British settlers is appraised in this collection of essays from a leading New Zealand environmentalist. Geoff Park, Serveral haka texts are reproduced, both in English and Maori. Illustrated with a selection of historial and contemporary photographs, this is a book that fills an important gap in our knowledge of a vital aspect of Maori culture.