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I have two crazy fears right now. I will never be good enough at work again, I will never get to where i was heading. I am overweight. They are crazy because I am talented and know that regaining my strength an confidence at work again will take time, I am making steps towards that. Its a process, its a universal lesson. Im not overweight, my ego just seems to think people view me that way.

I eat really well, I live a heathy lifestyle, my ego only tries to guilt trip me when I slip up and eat something I crave. My fear is to be alone and by myself. Some mornings I allow this feeling i wake up with affect me so much that I stay in bed till noon.

The Clutter-Depression-Anxiety Cycle: How to Stop It

I really hope you can give me some advice to shift my thoughts and feelings. Thank you in advance Gabby. You may be helped by this video I did a while back. I am afraid that I wont find my true love well the guy I already like.. Romantic relationships can definitely trip us up. I think this video I did a while back will serve you.

I am afraid that I will always be stuck in this job. I am afraid that I will not be where I want physically.

Oh fear…you are so crazy! It feels like a selfish obsession. I just want to accept and love myself as I am right now, not as I think I should be. I am afraid of cancer coming back after dealing with breast cancer.

The Psychology of Clutter: A Therapist’s Point of View

I am afraid there is a reason why I am still single and that fear is part of the reason why I am. I have turned off to love and not sure how to turn it back on. I am afraid of being alone in old age as I have no family. I am afraid to leave a secure job but I know I need a change. I am afraid of dying. I love my life so much and every day I am plagued of thoughts that one day i will not be here. That scares me so much. How do I laugh at this fear when I know it is real and nothing can stop it from happening?

I am meditating and reading and trying so many things. I wish so badly to sop thinking about this daily. I am afraid that I will not be able to successfully start over after being in an abusive relationship and moving across the country to reset and get safe. I am afraid that my love interest is not interested in me anymore. I have a hard time letting go of control and simply surrendering the outcome to the Universe. By commenting on here, I am showing my willingness to let go of this tight grip, and to get into a space of receptivity.

I am willing to laugh at the negativity that is keeping me stuck. Change is scary. Waking up with pangs of anxiety is unnecessary. I choose to see love instead of fear. And that my husbands chronically severely painful illness will never get better. I surrender this insanity. Sending love Gabby thank you. I am completely afraid to begin my legal practice. After law school I worked for a few years, but then stopped so that I could stay home and raise my children which I do not regret.

I feel paralyzed.

How to Declutter Your Heart and Home - Flourishing Today

I want to get back into my profession but feel unprepared and completely inadequate. Who is going to want me as their attorney without any experience this is the voice inside my head…total fear.

I have a similar fear. I just qualified as a lawyer and also feel completely inexperienced and inadequate. I was so confident early in our relationship but have slipped into insecurity, which is creating even more fear that my insecurity will ruin the relationship and drive him away! I then fear that my discomfort is my intuition telling me that this is not the right partner for me fantasy of the ideal partner that will save me, perhaps? Beneath that is a fear of being alone. I pray to be released from this debilitating fear and to allow myself to be happy and confident and enjoy my relationship and trust that I am loved and supported no matter what!

I want my old faith and confidence back! I know I am supposed to but I am afraid no one wants to hear what I have today. That I will fail.

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In my heart I was just afraid. I guess my true fear is that I do not feel comfortable with the body sensations and thoughts that come along with it. I do not feel secure inside myself. I had suffered from a mental diorderfor the past 5 years I hadbeen practising sadhana, daily meditation since long and it has been a really amazing experience because I am thehappiet person I know! I had been suffering from a mental disorder for the past 5 years I am practising sadhana, daily meditation practice since long and its really amazingly effective because now I am the happiest person I know!

Because every set back is a spiritual assignment Because I am the happiest person I know….. Thankyou gabrielle for this wonderful video. Now that i am getting a divorce after getting married on february, i am afraid of starting over, of not finding my true soulmate. I am afraid of staying in this black whole of huge numerous debt i accumulated during that awful relationship.

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I just have a hard time with dealing with that. I guess my fear is any mothers fear. I just love my kids so much. I also fear that I lost the love and feeling for my job.

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I am a high school teacher and the kids are not what they used to be. I do love being a teacher but it is so hard with the youth of today. I fear for what this means for our world.