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A good basketball and football player was Jimmy Ward. What a fondness he did have for mischief! And how he could plink a tenor banjo! Alice Cromer was a brown eyed damsel who liked to g'ggle. What wc got for nothing, people are now paying ten dollars a seat to hear. That blue eyed blond was a great sport. Mamie certainly knew French and Latin and how to plan a newspaper.

While rather quiet, she took everything in and did her good turn daily, for she was a fine Girl Scout. It seems only yesterday, too, since I saw Fonsia Kilby tripping along the halls in her brief—very brief—skirts. Theron was quiet but impressive. Then, there was our great financier, Spivey Howell.

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To him was assigned the selling of tickets and such kindred tasks. He was some sheik and gave many a girl a wonderful break. Sunshine was good in everything. Then, too there was our president, Harriet Council. She preferred literary work and took an active part on the staff of the "Peanut Hull. I think this was caused by nervous strain during the time she was selling annuals. It had everything. Miss Marjorie Rhodes.

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The memory of her fine ideals, her sincerity, and her sportsmanship has not grown dim through all these years, and her influence has helped to carry us through many hardships. His sly deviltry was ever- ready to amuse us. Margaret Thomas Boze If someone had asked. McLemore Birdsong Mae was that slender form so popular with the girls.

Answer questions? Yes, with speed and dignity. Wit and humor? Just bubbling over. And how he could carry a pigskin and shoot a basketball goal! Martha Sara Brothers Remember our cute little newspaper editor? And those breaks. How she used to make them! Miriam Louise Clark "May I make an announcement, please?

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Miriam's popularity was wide-spread. Edwin Tilghman Coulbourn Edwin, a literary genius as well as a manager of football — by the way, did he tell you about those trips? And oh! Our little boy was pesky at times, but just the same we liked him. She seemed to he a man-hater, but we never knew whether this was true or not, for Virginia rarely ever expressed her opinion on this subject.

As well as I recall, Wade was never sad, not even when he made a very bad grade on Trig. He was not so studious, and if at any time some one suggested some fun, Wade was either a helper or a spectator. Whenever we called upon him for a play, he always responded willingly. Always ready to help us out in many different things, she easily became a great favorite with her classmates as well as with her teachers. Alese Evelyn Harrell We thought in our day that each class had to have some one who was dependable and quiet. Alese was both. There is an old saying that "actions speak louder than words," and Alese was an excellent example.

We nre certain she has been fortunate in her career. He appeared quiet and unassuming, hut when he spoke—well, we all listened and learned. Such was the life of a volunteer! There was that brunette for whom all the girls waited —.

But John R. John was a good student but never took his work too seriously. No matter where Suffolk Hi was fighting, he was always found cheering for maroon and black. Anna Clements Harrell Anna's ability and skill as a debater often made us wonder how we could have considered debating such a hard task. Can anyone see how he could keep from having a host of warm friends?

She was the life of the Senior Class in those days; and when we heard a laugh echoing down our halls, we were sure that Pauline would appear. Aside from being an excellent typist for the "Peanut Hull" most of her interest was centered around affairs outside of school. Harry Pierce Murphy Remember those roars of laughter which used to come from the Senior room as the results of Pat's witty expressions? A good sport, a genuine friend was Pat; in short, the possessor of the indefinable something which made everyone long to be his friend. Hie hard Lewter Pond To outward appearances Richard seemed quiet, though he often surprised us with a hit of humor and wit.

His dependability won for him that office of manager of baseball which he filled so capably and which gave him our utmost admiration. Berta Louise Morgan Whenever the word good-natured was mentioned in our class, our thoughts turned to Berta. No matter when called upon to do anything, whether in school or out, she was willing to lend a helping hand. Margaret Elizabeth Parker A basketball star, a dramatic club leader, a real live wire — that was "Grit.

Pippin and Peanut: The Adventure Begins

And those eyes and that smile! Oh, how much trouble they used to cause! The memory of this lovely girl will live forever in the hearts of her classmates. His manner of convincing others of the right thing to do won him an important place on the advertising staff. Robert Landes Small How could one so great have been named Small? Her willingness to help others showed she was interested in the welfare of her school. Owen James Smith Owen was our real business man.

As photograph editor of the "Peanut," as a gridiron star, and as a debater. Owen did his best for Suffolk High. If he has been managing affairs in later life as he did in school, we know he has made a success. Leonard Ashby Williams Who was that flood-looking Senior so popular with his classmates, especially with the girls? Why, that was Ashby, an end on our football team, and also a dramatic star. What would the "Peanut Hull" or the Annual have done without Ellen, for her steady typing made them ready for publication? But xslie did not believe in all work and no play, for her occasional laugh ringing out from the Commercial Room gave evidence of her carefree and happy nature.

Sarah Kathryn Saunders "Who is that girl with the marvelous brown hair? Robert Henry Windley What would we have done without Bob. Football backfield, basketball guard, and baseball pitcher. What a combination! Dances, jokes, girls, tardies after basketball games—a mixture of brains and stock was Bob, the boy we liked so much. If there happened to be any fun, Jacob was always around. Without any warning that chuckle of his was ready for every occasion. Esther Jane Wright Esther was that type of girl you just could not help loving.

If we were ever in need of anything, we always called upon Esther, for we knew she would divide everything she possessed with her classmates. Her friends were many.

And folks with whom you won't; But young folks, old folks, good or bad folks, Take the whole school through A jolly crew we found them all, And mighty friendly, too. But I was really thinking of the democratic and co-operative spirit of the class. Honors, officers, anil work were widely distributed. But as a whole the boys averaged as well as the girls in scholarship and beat them in athletics.

Wc had five football players, four basketball players, and three baseball players; and. And the boys of the class may have walked off with the highest number of Athletic Scholarship keys ever awarded to a single class, but the good scholarship of the girls was taken so much for granted that no one offered them any keys.

Not just Senior dignity either. Even as Juniors they had to counterbalance the playfulness of the Seniors preceding them. I hear that Wallace Lyon has just invented a device to keep cows from upsetting milk pails. You know his lateness for school was due more than once to such an accident. This certainly shows a fondness for his old Alma Mater. There are Richard and W.