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The iconic Ritual cover is a photograph of a diorama made by lead singer Perry Farrell, depicting him in the three-way affair he sings about in "Three Days.

The amazing cover for 8-Way Santa was found art: a photograph from a thrift store of a beaming couple where a hirsute shirtless dude is copping one breast of his partner. Unfortunately, the couple wasn't amused by the unauthorized use of their picture on the album: one had become a born-again Christian. They sued, and Sub Pop replaced the cover with a mundane picture of the band standing in front of cows.

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Or more precisely, the title was too provocative — when the band changed it on the back cover to "Waif Me," without changing the music, the album was approved for the stores' racks. What image did Pantera select for the cover of their seventh studio album to show their view of the modern world? Why, a drill penetrating an anus, of course.

It was quickly replaced with a drill boring into a person's forehead — savory only in comparison. This cover art — Photoshop-assisted conjoined twins on a teeter-totter — was just plain disturbing. Which is presumably what the band was aiming for, but enough people were weirded out that some territories offered a version with one twin airbrushed out.

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The original title was Ghetto Dope, and the original cover featured a man smoking a crack pipe. To secure wider distribution, Master P truncated the title and concocted a new cover that was an ugly digital collage, heavy on the flames. Mission accomplished: when some retailers wouldn't accept the cover art, West substituted an image of a ballerina instead. To make it more palatable for the likes of the iTunes Store, her label also released a version that strategically cropped out her nipple.

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Share on Facebook Share on Twitter. Load Previous. View Complete List. Newswire Powered by. This time out, Clark ups the ante from her standard female-in-peril plot to three females in peril, all targets of a serial killer who fancies himself a night-hunting predator: "I am the Owl," he whispers to himself after he has selected his prey, "and nighttime is my time.

Jean Sheridan, one of the intended victims, was actually nice to the Owl, but he decides she has to die anyway because someone told him she once made fun of him. Jean's daughter, Lily, whom Jean gave away at birth, must also die, for obscure reasons, as must Laura, the class beauty. In the course of stalking and capturing these three, the Owl kills several innocent bystanders just to vent his anger and alludes to dozens more he has slaughtered over the years.


The game here is figuring out which of the men who come to the reunion, all former nerds, is the Owl: Carter Stewart, now a genius playwright; Mark Fleischman, a psychiatrist with a syndicated television program; Gordon Amory, television magnate; Robby Brent, famous comedian; or Jack Emerson, local real estate tycoon. User Score.

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  • Summary: The debut full-length release for the indie pop singer-songwriter was produced by Ariel Rechtshaid and Justin Raisen. Top Track. Powered by.

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      Serial Killers Anyone? Nighttime is My Time by Mary Higgins Clark

      In short, Night Time, My Time is stunning. All this publication's reviews Read full review. The A. Fact Magazine UK. Considering that Ferreira is a twenty-one-year-old major label pop artist exploring indie rock on a highly-anticipated debut, songs born of manifold frustration and uncertainty, Night Time, My Time is a defiant and assured listen.

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