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Leanne took care of everything very fast and efficient! We have absolutely no complains and we recommend it to everyone! The marriage ceremony in Copenhagen City Hall was beautiful, all held in English. I was very moved by the speech of the judge. With Get married in Denmark, of course! Me and my husband could finalize our relationship thanks to GMiD. In our countries it was almost impossible US-PL. Here, with Sam's and Leanne's help it is just a piece of cake. All brides and grooms of the world, come here and 'get married in Denmark"!

I highly recommend this service! Sam, our coordinator, was always quick to respond to my many questions, and helped us every step of the way. From explaining which documents we needed, to arranging our wedding date in Copenhagen, and finally with the Apostille service after we got married. If you want the reassurance of a personal coordinator to help you through the process of getting married abroad, I definitely recommend Getting Married In Denmark, they were always professional, personal, and supportive the entire process - thank you Sam!

We are a gay couple and there was no judging for that. We are both brazilian and unfurtnatlly in Brazil there is still a lot of people that think that loving someone the same sex as you is wrong. In Denmark we found a place where we could be us without fear. Everything was easy and the support was great since the beggining.

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We are very happy to say we are married now. Thanks for all! From the day we contacted Samantha, through to a day before our trip to Copenhagen, we received nothing but fast, kind, and helpful treatment.

We would like to commend Sam and the company for the truly excellent work they carry out. Thanks for making this day even more unforgettable for us! Samantha and Rasmus were superb. What a brilliant move on our part and what an amazing organization this is! With many obstacles in our way, we didn't know where to turn to make an international marriage happen with the fewest hoops to jump through.

Once we started talking with Samantha Hicks, the obstacles began to fall away, and we saw much smoother sailing with her knowledge and guidance. Even when we left South Africa and found ourselves enroute to Denmark without the required documents I take full responsibility lol , Sam saved the day by helping us reschedule and figure out how to have the docs in hand to proceed with our wedding! Sam answered all our questions from start to finish in a very timely fashion as well.

Anyone who is considering which company to use to arrange their very special day, should have no hesitation in going with Getting Married in Denmark! We were having a lot of bureaucratic trouble understanding requirements, making appointments and getting required documents to marry in Ireland or Spain. After some research, we found that many couples in our situation decide to marry in Denmark given how easy it is there.

Clare from Getting Married in Denmark helped us enormously from the moment we started considering Denmark as an option. Unlike people we contacted in Ireland and Spain I even contacted a lawyer in Spain who couldn't help at all , she was able to navigate us through the bureaucratic and procedural requirements in a very straightforward manner.

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She gave us a lot of alternatives and options to adapt to any requirement we had in terms of time and ability to obtain documents and arranged everything for us. Communication was super easy and she provided help with every step of the organisation obtaining translations, getting an appointment, and legalising our marriage certificates. What initially looked like an impossible task still today I don't fully understand the process to get married either in Spain or Ireland for international couples was made super simple with Clare's help.

I would strongly advice considering Denmark as an option if you are having difficulties marrying abroad - and strongly recommend Clare and her team to assist in the process. We had initially never considered Copenhagen as an option, but in the end not only we saved days of unnecessary bureaucracy and appointments and months of waiting but we also got to have a fantastic time in a lovely city.

She gave me all the information I needed and was extremely kind and helpful. I only wish there were employees like her in every business and then the world would be such a better. Tell your boss that you deserve a pay raise because I am now definitely recommending this company to anyone that wants to get married, whether they are planning to get married abroad or not. Thanks again Maria, you are by far one of the best, and I appreciate your work. Getting married isnt easy, but these two wonderful women helped make it a lot easier.

I definitely had a difficult situation because I am in the military, but these women handled it like the professionals they are. I also appreciate how down to earth and friendly they were. Thank you, Clare!

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By far one of my favorite people and I haven't even met you. And thank you too Arezoo, when Clare was out of the office you filled Clare's shoes perfectly.

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The three best customer service representatives I have ever had to work with, all happen to work at this Agency. The level of quality in their employees is unheard of. You simply can't find this level of quality employees anywhere else. I would insist that everyone I know who is getting married go through this agency. Remember I am not recommending this agency because of their services I am recommending it because of their employees. Everything was very fast, efficient, smooth. Could never have imagined getting married in the U.

K becusee of all those stupid beaurocratic process which would have made it headous.

My Hair. . .My Marriage

Thank you so much again! I would definitely recommend this. Clare Hindle and her team made our experience so easy - from the first email filled with questions to getting our marriage certificate apostilled so that it applies in the US where we are planning to live. Thank you so much for a Copenhagen wedding we will always remember!

Everything was just as promised. Claire was a joy to work with and she handled everything professionally. Getting married at the Copenhagen City Hall was an experience in itself. Beautiful setting and delightful officiants. I wouldn't have done anything different and would recommend this service to anyone thinking of getting married in Europe. Thank you Claire!

Thank you Getting Married in Denmark for making "getting married" such a simple and beautiful experience for us! They are precise and accurate in all the communication and they would arrange not only your wedding venue and date but also services like Apostille, Flowers, Photographers, Chauffeurs etc.

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Special Thanks to Sam for arranging everything in a timely, professional and taking out all the stress making sure that we were comfortable in every sense. Thank you so much again for your beautiful services. Its a 5 star service. Am glad my husband was able to trace this company through a friend and above all Clare Hindle who was of immense help to us in terms of co-ordinating everything for us.

We wouldn't be where we are right now as husband and wife if it wasn't for Claire and this awesome team of kind and humble people. Alas, one last unexpected bureaucratic step presented us with an unclear timeline, so we had to look farther afield. A German friend married to an American and living in the US recommended Denmark, based on their personal experience. I must admit - it would have never occurred to me to consider Denmark!

Once I did some research, Getting Married in Denmark became the obvious solution. Firstly, Getting Married in Denmark has a user friendly, modern site.

I looked at a couple of other agencies, and their sites weren't nearly as easy to navigate. In this day and age, if a successful business doesn't have a modern website, which costs very little to design and maintain, it raises a red flag. Secondly, I found the services offered by Getting Married in Denmark to be very price-competitive, so that was an advantage, especially for us, as we were not planning a big party.

Thirdly, service is everything, and one needs to walk a fine line between cultivating clients and overselling to them. Thankfully, Clare Hindle managed to strike the balance masterfully, and I truly felt that she was committed to finding the best option for us. She patiently explained what was required, and was very prompt with her responses.


I never felt any pressure from Clare, and trusted the process she outlined for us. No stress over logistics, no unnecessary expense. As a result, we have beautiful memories of our wedding day that we both will treasure. Thanks, Getting Married in Denmark! As a Canadian living in Germany, marrying a Brit, meeting in Copenhagen with our families just seemed like the easiest solution!

Clare explained thoroughly the process and documents that we would need and quickly answered all of our questions. The vendors she suggested such as florist and photographer were absolutely wonderful to work with, too. The process was so incredibly simple once we rounded up our paperwork for the team. I would definitely recommend this service to others wishing to wed in Denmark.