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To beat, vanquish. On les aura, t'en fais pas I don't you worry, we'll lick them! Je n'ai pas pu I'avoir, I could never talk him over. En avoir, variable meaning according to context. Dwarfed, feeble, misshapen creature. Surprised, astonished, astounded. II a etd baba quand il a appris fa, he was flabbergasted when he heard of that.

J'en suis baba, I am struck all of a heap! Great surprise, state of one who is baba. Missive, paper. Letter, missive. C'est un plat exquis, vous vous en lecherez les babouines, it's a capital dish, you'll simply love it, you'll Hck your gills. Great noise, tumult, disturbance. Se mettre dans les bdches, to get between the sheets. To go to bed, to get between the sheets. II va passer son bachot, he is going up for the B. Boiie d bachot, special school where they cram students for the B.

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To prepare a pupil rapidly for an exam. To grind for an exam. Soldier from an African regiment.

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The regiment itself. Old crock, fogy. Lips, chops, cheeks.

Se coller quelque chose dans les badigoinces, to eat, to feed, to get some grub. Blow, slap in the face. Donne-lui une bdfre!

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To gorge oneself, to stuff and swill. To eat greedily.


Carriage, horse-box. Faire des bagots, to carry burdens, handle luggage. To walk, to go about. II est toujours d bagoter par Id, he is always knocking about that way. To get on. Comment vont vos affaires?

To drudge, toil. II va falloir bagoter maintenant, now we'll have to work hard. One who handles bagots. Avoir du bagou, to have the gift of the gab. To fiddle-faddle, to mooch about, to go about aimlessly. II n'a rien d faire qu'd se baguenauder toute la journee, he has nothing to do but to knock about all the day. Legs, drumsticks. School, lycde.

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Of articles of uniform, at Polytechnique and Saint-Cyr. Of a fancy shape or cut. To rag. Envoyer quelqu'un au bain, to send some- thing to the right-about. Prendre un bain de pieds, to be conveyed to a penal colony. Overflow of coffee into the saucer.

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Compulsory walk of punished soldiers round the barracks yard. Faire le bal, to be subjected to that punishment. Sometimes capital punishment in the army. Donner le bal d quelqu'un, to give somebody a good talking to. Stroll, walk. Faire une balade, to go out for a walk, stroll, excursion, etc. To take out for a walk. Se balader, to take a walk, a stroll, to knock about, to mooch round. Envoyer balader, to send to the right-about.

One who is fond of going out for strolls. II est d'hiimeur baladeuse, he is fond of knock- ing about. Faire rotir le halai, to lead a fast life. Peau de halle et balai de crin, absolutely nothing. Un gargon bien balance, a lad strongly built, a well-set-up fellow. Mai balance, ill-shaped. To cast off, to get rid of. Balance- le si tu n'en veux plus, chuck it away if yovi don't want it any more. II se fera balancer s'il ne travaille pas, they'll kick him out, he'll get the sack, if he does not work. To throw. Humbug, nonsense, rubbish. Tout ga c'est de la balangoire, des balangoires, that's all hum- bug, rot, skittles.

Envoyer d la balangoire, to send to the right-about.