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Without those connections, children lost their personal identity, culture and country.

The Lament of Rachel

The report notes the two dominant concerns of child migrant witnesses were their loss of identity and their need to have the opportunity to tell their story, be heard and believed. This report recognises that while some former child migrants have prospered in this country, have successful relationships with partners and children and never lost contact with family, many others are not in this position. The report illustrates the consequences of emotional deprivation and abuse in childhood, and the struggle such children face as adults to cope and contribute and to live fruitful and constructive lives.

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Senate Community Affairs References Committee. Parliament of Australia. Tom Selleck Michael Brandman. This section does not cite any sources.

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This section is missing information about the critical reception and sales of the movie. Please expand the section to include this information. Further details may exist on the talk page. February Internet Movie Database. Retrieved July 31, Robert B. These cases offered Richards a wealth of information about the circumstances of the crimes, facts about the perpetrators, socioeconomic background of victims' families, and much more.

Loss of innocents: on the wave of lynchings in Tamil Nadu

From this large sample, patterns of dangerous circumstances, and specific types of killers were identified. The thorough analysis presented in The Loss of Innocents goes beyond the facts and suggests new directions for research, intervention, and-most important-prevention. A major goal of this book is to help prevent the killing of children by suggesting ways in which social case workers, judges, police, and others can recognize a situation that is imminently dangerous. The Loss of Innocents looks at clues that can help officials decide when parental rights should be terminated immediately, when a brief separation is enough to remedy an abusive situation, and when a child will be safe despite problems.

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It is designed to help decision-makers reach judgments about child placement that are more accurate. It may also provide data to evaluate the limitations and utility of confidentiality laws. Further, Richards presents in the final chapter of this book a point list of ways to reduce violence against children.

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