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Credit: Courtesy of Dissaya Pornpattananangkul. Heller : I have spent ten years of my life abroad. Everybody wishes to enjoy hospitality: this means that you have to offer it yourself.


In that way, you can get to know the world without stepping onto an airplane. In addition, I do have a special interest in science in general and in astrophysics, medicine and economic sciences in particular.

Science and Empires

H : Being a host family means to be tolerant and open. It is always exciting when a completely unknown person becomes part of your family from one minute to the next. In general, it is always an enrichment to spend time with those guests. The young scientists that come to Lindau are global elite. It is thus not surprising that they are pleasant, interesting, capable and astonishingly mature personalities. Unfortunately, we have not yet succeeded in persuading one of our guests to move to Germany and work here, although each of the scientists would mean an enormous gain for our country.

H : In our experience, the young and mobile generation in a global world is coming closer together. Their dreams and wishes are — despite all cultural differences — the same: they want to start a family, to develop professionally, to travel as well as to live in wealth, peace and security. Although there might be a loss of cultural diversity, I believe that the positive impact of this is predominant due to the fact that homogeneity has a connecting effect.

H : In , we welcomed a young scientist from Thailand: Dissaya. With her, we immediately had a special connection. She really became our friend even though thousands of kilometers are dividing us. During the Lindau Meeting, we had some deep conversations over a glass of red wine. We talked about the important things in life: for example, about what it means to grow old. Those moments were quite touching. I also took her out on a motorcycle tour once to show her the surroundings.

A few months later, Dissaya came back to Lindau to stay with us for a two-week vacation. After the interview with Mr. Heller, we asked Dissaya to also comment on her experience with her host family. The first time I arrived in Lindau by train, Mr. Heller was there waiting to pick me up. From that moment onwards, my host family took care of me so well. They showed me many places in Lindau. It was one of the most valuable experiences abroad for me.

Staying with the host family, I gained a family in Lindau for life. Heller took me out to ride a motorcycle in the mountains. The view was fantastic. It was really one of the most beautiful sceneries I have ever seen. Laureate Peter A. Diamond at LiNoEcon You have arrived in Lindau as soon as you see water to your left, to your right and in front of you. Welcome to Lake Constance! In order to take advantage of everything Lindau has to offer, you need to register with us and get your conference materials. Upon registration, you will receive your name badge, which indicates to our staff which events you will attend, your personal agenda, the final programme and more.

Please note that you will have to show a valid ID at the registration desk.

Centre d'Ecologie Fonctionnelle et Evolutive - Publications

The opening ceremony starts on Wednesday at 9. Seats have to be taken by 8. For security reasons, it is not allowed to bring any large bags. You will need to present your name badge and a valid ID-card in order to get access. For a Google Map with all the important places in Lindau, please click here or check the meeting app :. There is no dress code for the regular scientific sessions. For invitational dinners, you may want to bring something more festive suits, cocktail dresses. As the lake is great for swimming, you may want to bring swim wear.

Some of the local swimming pools even offer free entrance for the participants of the Lindau Meeting. Sunscreen and mosquito repellents are a good idea as well.

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Make sure to bring comfortable shoes that are suitable for cobblestone roads and various weather conditions. For this, it is a great idea to wear a traditional festive costume from your home country. At the Bavarian evening, everyone is invited to wear the traditional outfit of their home country. Water bottles will be provided upon registration. Special log-in credentials will not be required — just follow the instructions. To use a mobile phone in a German network, it needs to support the GSM standard used all over Europe. Laureate Roger B.

Myerson at the 5th Lindau Meeting on Economic Sciences. In case of an emergency at the main meeting venue, please contact the staff. Please note that our staff is not authorised to hand out any medication. A paramedic team is present at the meeting venue and can help with all health-related issues.


If you have an emergency at a different location, please either contact any of the staff if present, or call , the official emergency number that will work in all of the EU countries and in Switzerland. During the meeting, you will be covered by a health insurance policy provided by the organisers. All the information from this post can also be found there …and more.

My colleagues and I will be happy to assist you at the Young Scientist Help Desk, should you have any questions.

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  5. Nadine, Karen and Nesrin — always there to help you out during your time in Lindau! It has been a few weeks since the 67 th Lindau Nobel Laureate Meeting in Chemistry and while you probably have gotten back in the swing of things at work and university, you probably are still walking around with a huge grin on your face. I know I am.

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    The lectures! The laughter! The lifetime connections I forged! Oh, the glorious Bavarian and Mexican food! This I find it an advantage to do; and if you examine the light emanating from the projecting machine when lighted up and at work, you will see that beams of red and green are alternately issuing from the lens, and that these beams have added to them by means of a supplementary shutter just those proportions of violet and blue required to make a pure white when all are mixed.