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Whether you're looking for something simple and delicious to cook on a week night, light bites for a Family get-together, or something more elaborate for dinner party, this book has the perfect recipe for you This book is packed with the author's favourite recipes for salads, soups, one-pot wonders, main courses and crusty breads. Soup has been part of the Irish Cooking tradition for generations.

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Eileen O'Driscoll presents a selection of mouth-watering and unusual soups. A spectacular tour of Ireland's History for younger readers, from the ice age to the present day. Beautifully illustrated and a great read, this award-winning book is essential for every classroom and library: as well as being the perfect gift Available both as large format and pocket sized hardback. Michael Mallin was a devout Catholic a temperance advocate father of four young Children and husband to a pregnant wife when he was executed for his part in the Easter Rising.

In this revealing new book the first ever Biography of Mallin Brian Hughes asks what led such a man with so much to lose to wage war against the British in ?

Book Launch: 16 Lives series – ‘Edward Daly’ and ‘Sean Heuston’

Ireland's premier photographers The Lensmen captured the essence of life in Ireland during the s in their stunning and thought provoking images. This collection offers a fascinating insight into the cultural and political Events of the decade. Showcasing an era of change in Ireland this book is a celebration of a Time gone by. Ireland in the aftermath of Cromwell - during this period Catholicism and nationalism became linked and priests were outlawed. At least thirty-five thousand never came home.

Those that did were scarred for the rest of their lives. Many of these survivors found themselves abandoned and ostracised by their countrymen, their voices seldom heard. Joseph Plunkett was one of the leaders of the Easter Rising in Dublin. He was the designer of the Military plan and the youngest signatory of the Proclamation.

A recognised poet, he was already dying of TB when, aged 28, he was executed in This Biography is a well-researched portrayal of the man and the uprising. At the end of his court-martial on August 16th, , Terence MacSwiney, the Lord Mayor of Cork, greeted his sentence of two years in jail by declaring: 'I have decided the term of my imprisonment. I shall be free, alive or dead, within a month'.

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Dave Hannigan presents an account of one man's courageous stand against the might of an empire. This is the rebellion that set Ireland free, told as a graphic novel.

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The Easter Rising was an attempt by a small group of militant Irish republicans to win independence from Britain. It was the most significant rebellion in Ireland. Though a Military failure, it set Ireland on the road to freedom from Britain.

At least Irish - from north and south - served during the Second World War. Seven thousand never returned. In this poignant yet detailed book award winning author Neil Richardson documents veterans' stories with Personal interviews Military records Diaries and letters. The Irish countryside is a patchwork of over , miles of stone wall.

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This guide Covers the History of this Ancient tradition, giving illustrated examples and step-by-step instructions on constructing, conserving and repairing stone walls of all types - whether dry stone or mortar. It is and Europe is at war. From the poverty of the Dublin slums twelve-year-old Jimmy Conway sees it all as glorious, and loves the British Army for which his father is fighting.

But when war comes to his own streets Jimmy's loyalties are divided. The rebels occupy the General Post Office and other parts of the city, and Jimmy's uncle is among them.

Edward Daly: 16Lives

He was assiduous in his study of military manuals and the professionalism of his company gained the admiration of senior officers in actions such as the Howth gun-running of Daly's battalion, stationed in the Four Courts and areas to the west and north of the centre of Dublin , saw the most harsh fighting of the rising. He was forced to surrender his battalion on 29 April by Patrick Pearse.


He was executed by firing squad on 4 May , at the age of The men in his battalion spoke of him as a good leader. This opinion was also shared by a British officer that Daly's battalion had captured.

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Bray railway station was renamed Bray Daly railway station in his honour in From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Edward Daly. The Rising. National Library of Ireland. Retrieved 8 April Easter Rising.