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Quidam Album 15 versions. Cirque Du Soleil Musique.

Cirque Du Soleil

O Album 6 versions. La Nouba Album 6 versions.

Cirque Du Soleil , Benoit Jutras. RCA Victor. Dralion Album 10 versions. Journey Of Man Album 4 versions. Sony Classical , Sony Music Soundtrax. Varekai Album 8 versions.

Bazar Forain Delirium Saga Circus

Tapis Rouge: Solarium Album 7 versions. Delirium: Dance Remix Album 2 versions.

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Corteo Album 4 versions. Delirium Album 3 versions. Of course, there were the well-in-shape acrobats and aerialists who balanced or flew all over the stage area.

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One of the aerial acrobats was a little Chinese guy who was pretty amazing to see. Other than the music, my favorite part was the girl who "hula-hooped" with up to seven hoops. She came out and began to twirl one hoop around her mid-section. She was tossed a second one that she twirled around her leg while the first one was still going. Then she put her right leg straight up in the air so her foot was over her head. She got a third hoop and was twirling that with her right foot over her head, the second hoop was around her mid-section, and she still had the hoop twirling around her left leg.

And I don't mean it was just the backyard variety of speed that she was putting on the twirling of the hoops - they were rocket fast going around her! There were a couple things that I didn't quite understand - there was a bald-headed guy on stilts who was very nimble and good on them, by the way who seemed to just be hanging out and moving around the stage during the songs or acts. In between segments, he'd do this maniacal laughter and screech out words in French. Also weird was this very annoying man who started out the evening in the crowd, made his way to the stage and would come and go from the proceedings from time to time.

I never really knew what his purpose in the show really was.

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All in all, I'm glad we went. All told, there were nearly 50 performers and musicians, about 75 production people, and 15 managers and coordinators in the traveling party for Delirium.

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Delirium is one of those shows that you sort of wish you could see again because it's so busy. You know there are things you may have missed during the course of the show. I know I missed a few things. Actually, I'd like to get a hold of Andre to see if he could line me up with a meeting with one of the production guys. Not for free tickets - I'd pay to see this show again - but for a tour and a close look at how they do the sound, lights and video.

I see they're going to be in Peoria and in St. Louis later this spring. We may have to just go again February 13, in Bands and Music , Events Permalink. Delirium is coming to Birmingham in late March.

My wife talked me into going. But I figure if you liked it, it should be OK to see. Posted by:. The letters and numbers you entered did not match the image. Please try again.

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Cirque du Soleil touring shows

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